About Us

Who are we?

TIE, popularly known as Takeiteasy_engineers by our fans on Instagram was kick-started as a portal for all-things VTU, including handwritten/printed notes collected and curated from the best lecturers around. TIE also provides a huge databank of question papers and solutions and highlights important questions amongst them.

What we do?!


TIE also conducts weekly workshops that offer valid certificates to make sure that every student inculcates the ability to think out of the box and are exposed to the corporate world and graduate with the necessary skillset. The workshops focus on topics that are current in modern technology and the growing economy.


TIE has partnered with several companies ranging from startups to well-established MNCs providing a unique interning experience which equips students with a wide spectrum of skills and not-to-mention, also provides stipend! This unique partnership aims to facilitate students to graduate corporate-ready!

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We began our journey through Instagram where most of you know us and this website, a new face for Takeiteasy_engineers enables us to continue being your saviour for all things VTU!

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