Should you apply for VTU revaluation?

If you are confident about your performance in that paper then Absolutely Yes.

Consider these points before applying to RV in VTU

  • Ask yourself – “Is it necessary for me ???” (Since many people put RV unnecessarily & lose their money)
  • Mainly review the questions you have answered & left, Check answers (sometimes we devaluate ourselves).
  • See the scoring pattern of ur classmates selectively ( it is important since you all read from the same source )
  • See the University analysis on the subject in fastvturesults.
  • Your presentation of answers on that day (mainly handwriting).
  • Discuss it with your faculty, if necessary.
  • Judge the gap in mindset between You and 1st evaluator (If you already applied for RV in previous semesters).
  • Your financial condition.

Note** – If you desperately want marks to pass the subject apply for Photo Copy along with RV. Senior Faculty told that many times your script is not revaluated unless you put for photocopy.

• If you want marks to reach a certain % or to become a topper apply RV for more subjects. Trust me, sometimes you’ll get more marks in subjects you don’t have much confidence in.

Make a wise decision. Don’t ask for suggestions from your seniors they will tell their huge Stories on RV. None knows what you have written in the exam except you. It’s your Decision. Be positive in a realistic way.


Article by Ashok NA, Student,VTU